I'm Stephanie Lauren!  That guy behind me is FYIA Head Coach and my husband, Thomas.  It's awesome that you are here.  

Through a cumulative 30+ years watching the trends of fitness and wellness, we have discovered what it takes to actually be in touch with YOUR INNER ATHLETE for the long haul.  The completeness of the FIND YOUR INNER ATHLETE experience is profoundly unique in the path to your goals. 

As a former NCAA Division I record holder in 2 sports and an award-winning fitness leader (and MOM OF 2 AMAZING CHILDREN), I will help facilitate the plan to get you where you need to go!  FIND YOUR INNER ATHLETE again or for the first time!  GUARANTEED.

Stephanie & Thomas cofounded PLYOGA Fitness, CASE Method, SLAY FitCamp and TASCOFit.  They are accredited educators for Fitness Professionals and Physical Education Teachers.  Their content has been featured and used by over 20 million people throughout the world on various platforms and applications.